Thank You For Choosing StuJo's!

StuJo's Self Serve Carwash provides EXCELLENT CARWASHING POWER with Foaming Brush to detail clean and protect your vehicle.

At our State & Broadway location, an undercarriage wash wand with

salt removal and corrosion inhibitor in the

South carwash bay. 

Also located in the two South bays on Broadway, we have Turbo Dry blow dryers. No more towels and excellent for motorcycles.

Our Broadway North wash bay entrance has been raised to 11'8" for our RV and tall customers. 

Our Planet wash now has Turbo Dry blow dryers in the three North wash bays.


Our vending area includes Armor All interior or exterior products, window interior wipes, and a selection of towels, fragrances and more for your vehicle care.*


Our two motor vacuums provide SUPER suction to clean your car's interior of practically anything!


StuJo's TOUCHLESS AUTOMATIC carwash provides superior general washing power all in under 3 minutes.^

StuJo tokens are available for purchase with BONUS value. 


  $60 in Tokens for $50 - 20% bonus value     

 $120 in Tokens for $100 - 20%bonus value                               

        See "Contact Us" to order tokens.    

* not all items at both locations

^ automatic at Planet location only